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Isabel Contreras
Counseling / Coaching / Breathing therapy / Energy balancing / Massage / Reiki / Meditation / Workshops
Isabel is the founder and Director of Life Motivations, a centre and school for Life Management Skills and Wellbeing accredited by ASCA. She holds a diploma in Positive Thinking Counseling from the Peiffer Foundation (accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists, United Kingdom). She is a certified Louise Hay, Heal Your Life self-development teacher trainer and coach/trainer, Transformational Breathing facilitator, NLP practitioner and has Trainers Training certification for top performance, (Italy). Works in English, French and Spanish.
Tel : +41 79 397 91 15 - isabel@lifemotivations.ch - www.gueristavielouisehay.com
Isabel inspires you in your search for authenticity. Read Isabel Story here.

Naima Zerouali
Consultant/ Professional Coach / Practitioner in Neuro-Cognitiv and Behavioral Approach and Brief Therapy Solutionist / Teacher and coach according to Louise Hay methodology.
Naima is passionate about human dynamics in terms of thoughts, emotions and behaviors, at the individual and system level. For sustainable well-being, her interventions are designed to help you unlock your internal resource, strengths and potential for greater clarity and inner peace. She will accompany you in your development in all life domains areas, with joy and simplicity.
Tel : + 41 76 616 81 11 - naima_zer@bluewin.ch

Laraba Friedman
Health Rejuvenation Coach for Expats and Their Families / Therapeutic Remedial Massage / Healthy Eating Workshops
Laraba is a qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Massage Therapist. She has been practicing in Geneva and the surrounding area since 2013. Laraba feels everyone is a bio-individual with their own unique story so she tailors her work to suit each person, situation and moment. She likes to listen to what is happening and acts on what she hears. No Massage or Health Rejuvenation Coaching session is the same; and keeping it fresh is how she helps those who seek her assistance to improve their health and well-being.
Tel : +41 78 839 42 29 - info@balancedhealing.ch

Estefania Gallo Prot
Reiki Master / Teacher Certified Angel Therapist, by Doreen Virtue / Certified Angel Card Reader, by Doreen Virtue / Certified Heal your Life teacher
Estefania is an experienced Reiki Master, Angelic coach, Heal your Life Teacher and Workshop leader. During her sessions, she combines Reiki, Louise Hay’s philosophy, Ho’oponopono and the Angels’ help in a very loving way so people can blossom and reach a deep happiness in their life. She focuses on each person’s emotions and energy, to transform any concern she/he may have (job, stress, health, self-esteem, finance…) into a positive and healing experience.
Tel : +41 78 739 16 52 - info@angelsinmyworld.com

Samar Hijazi
Aromatherapy / Reiki / Ayurveda / Access Bars Consciousness
Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Reiki, Pentanalogy, Access The Bars, Firewalking Instructor, Anatomy-Physiology (cycle 1). Samar is an eager practitioner of natural therapies. Believer in a holistic healing approach she allies the benefits of aromatherapy into her Reiki, Ayurvedic treatments, and Access Bars Consciousness. These aim to balance and soothe the physical, emotional and mental bodies, thus helping the experiencer create a space for healing to occur.
Tel : +41 79 450 28 78 - Facebook: Samcalm - Instragram: samcalm.ch - www.samcalm.ch  - LinkedIn: Samar Hijazi

Emma Pearson
Business Psychologist / Executive and Team Coach / Organization Development Consultant / Certified « The Journey » Practitioner
Her approach is holistic and systemic, and draws on a powerful blend of skills and knowledge around human development and potential, business psychology, team dynamics, general management, and multi-cultural living. She works with individuals, teams, and organizations, helping them transform for the better. Emma has an MSc (Distinction) in Occupational Psychology (University of Hertfordshire) and an Advanced Diploma in Executive Coaching, and Diploma in Coaching Psychology (AoEC). She is a qualified « Journey » Practitioner.
Tel : +41 78 909 27 03 - emma@kaleidoscopedevelopment.com - www.kaleidoscopedevelopment.com

Marion Rohrbach
Teacher and life coach “ Heal your Life” by Louise Hay / Holistic therapist and consultant “ Listen to your body” by Lise Bourbeau / Trainer for adults FSEA / Bach Flower counsellor / NLP practitioner / Workshops / Conferences
As a certified teacher and life coach with the method ” Heal your life” by Louise Hay, Marion is also a certified consultant with the method “ Listen to your body” by Lise Bourbeau and specialized in consultancy work in English, French and German for over 15 years. Marion is also a career coach, NLP partitioner, a counselor for Bach
Flower Remedies, as well as a trainer for adults and led workshops, seminars and training courses in the field of human potential enhancement for over 1000 people. Her aim is to support and guide you on your way to your true self, the discovery of your authentic being and the power to create a joyful, loving and grateful life.
Tel : +41 79 357 11 71 - info@epanouissement.ch - www.epanouissement.ch

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